Italian cuisine is loved all over the world, and for every typical Italian dish outside of Italy, there are a handful that remain largely unknown. Italian food is ultra-regional and you would have a difficult time finding many dishes away from where they came. The secret to classic Italian cuisine is that it makes use of the ingredients found locally and, therefore, always works with fresh products, prepared simply.

When it comes to food traditions, Italians border on ritualistic. There are rules regarding the food in Italy and to break them is to commit heresy. Knowing all of the rules of Italian dining can be tricky, and knowing all of the wonderful foods that exist beyond your standard slice of pizza or spaghetti Bolognese, even more so. In fact, spaghetti Bolognese was actually conceived of outside of Italy. In Bologna, an authentic meat-sauce is called ragù and is served exclusively with tagliatelle, lasagne or a few other types of fresh egg pastas, but never spaghetti.

Authenticity of the dishes you already love aside, don’t you want to experience all that Italy and it’s cuisine have to offer rather than local versions of the foods you’ve had a hundred times? If you’re eager to learn about the fantastic and diverse regional foods of Italy, along with the classics, you’ve come to the right place. To be among the first informed as we expand our resources, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and discover new and delicious Italian dishes and recipes.