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A Dinner With Sit-Down Series Is About More Than Just The Meal…

Joining us gives you a behind-the-scenes perspective on what inspires the food you eat. Our traveling dinner parties provide an opportunity to reconnect with your food while meeting new people, getting to know the local culture and enjoying unique meals at some of our favorite restaurants in food-centric cities around the world. At our events, you’ll talk to passionate chefs and artisan producers to get a personal look at what makes each restaurant we visit special, be it longstanding culinary tradition, unique natural ingredients or innovative new cooking techniques.

Our Upcoming Dinner Parties


Dinner With Gofio33€
Details coming soon…
Madrid, Spain
Hosted in English


Cena con Gofio33€
Details coming soon…
Madrid, Spain
Hosted in Spanish


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The Recipe for Sit-Down Series



A proper meal feeds the body and soul. We introduce you to chefs, artisan producers and restaurateurs whose food tells a unique story. Learning where your food comes from helps you appreciate it in a different way. The food at our events is inspired by gastronomic traditions, giving you the chance to indulge in delicious local specialties!



Good food attracts good people. We bring together a global community that is passionate about eating well. During each dinner with Sit-Down Series, you’ll get to know the people behind the food you’re served and have the opportunity to connect with locals and travelers alike. A great meal is as much about the food as who you enjoy it with!



Great food is made with love. The restaurants chosen to host our events go beyond serving distinctive food and give you insight into the local food culture with a glimpse at the traditions and history behind what you eat. Join Sit-Down Series to share your passion for food with like-minded people from around the world!

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