Pappa al Pomodoro

 Pappa al Pomodoro 

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A classic dish from Tuscany’s cucina povera, or peasant kitchen, pappa al pomodoro is a humble soup that makes the most out of easily obtainable ingredients: tomatoes (in season or canned), stale unsalted bread, garlic, basil and olive oil. As the bread is soaked and stirred into the soup it breaks down and expands, giving pappa al pommodoro it’s characteristic rustic texture. The success of this dish depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients that go into it, but when you are cooking in the Italian countryside, sourcing great raw products isn’t much of a challenge. Pappa al pomodoro is ridiculously simple to make and just as easy to enjoy. It can be served piping hot to warm you up on a cold winter’s day or cool in the heat of an Italian summer. No matter the temperature, having a bowl of pappa al pomodoro is a great way to taste the essence of Tuscan home cooking.

Where to find pappa al pomodoro

Florence: Da Nerbone is a humble little stand on the ground floor of the Mercato Centrale. Popular for their classic Tuscan dishes and great prices, you’ll know you’ve found it when you spot the line of people waiting patiently to place their order.

Siena: L’Osteria (Via de’ Rossi, 79), a locals restaurant serving rustic Tuscan cuisine, is a great choice for a simple meal in an authentic atmosphere.

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