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Within the context of historic European destinations, Madrid is still a baby. Steadfastly Spanish, it eschews the permeating internationalization that you find in so many other major cities. Madrid is chaotic and lively, but underneath the surface, it beats with the pulse of a traditional Spanish pueblo. Madrileños have an unwavering pride for their city, and once you know Madrid, it’s easy to see why. Madrid is rough around the edges, but full of culture and beauty. This is a city that has as much to offer as any and is overflowing with restaurants, bars and local flavor. Its constant evolution and colorful mosaic of neighborhoods makes finding the really special places a bit of a treasure hunt. With world-class museums, concept shops, hip new creative spaces, lush gardens, beautiful palaces, century-old taverns and more, what you’ll discover is that Madrid is full of hidden gems to suit every taste. Use our Food Lover’s Guide to Madrid to explore the city like a local and you are sure you fall in love with Spain’s enchanting capital, and with it’s food.



You can’t come to Madrid without trying its famous bocadillo de calamares – a fried squid sandwich. Ask any group of Madrileños where to find the best bocadillo de calamares and you are sure to ignite debate, but our favorite version of this iconic fast-food alternative is Celso y Manolo’s, with perfectly golden calamari nestled into a crunchy baguette slathered in creamy lemon ali-oli.



Spain may be known abroad for Sangria, but you’ll find that locals would much prefer a Gin and Tonic when they’re in the mood for something refreshing. Madrid is Gin and Tonic obsessed and consumption here puts sales in its British homeland to shame. Spaniards take the art of making Gin and Tonics very seriously, so much so that there are a handful of Madrid bars devoted exclusively to the G&T!

Experience Madrid: What to See and Where to Eat Nearby


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Join a food tour with Devour Spain. This Madrid-based company offers an insider’s look at the local food scene. The tours wind through some of the city’s most charming streets, are packed full of intriguing anecdotes and include lots of delicious things to eat! There are currently three different Devour Madrid tours, and if we had to choose just one, it would be Tapas, Taverns and History.

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