Where to Eat in Sevilla

La Pulpería: Spanish Comfort Food in Seville

In a city that has no shortage of restaurants serving delicious tapas at unbelievably low prices, La Pulpería has something that most gastrobars in Sevilla lack, charm. The interior is quirky and warm with an eclectic mix of furniture and decor, but not in the cliche way that seems to have become a trend in many Spanish restaurants.

La Azotea: Tapas with a Modern Twist

A meal at La Azotea is not your typical Spanish dining experience, but in all of the right ways. The food is bold, modern, inventive, and served with finesse, while maintaining a recognizable loyalty to the pillars of Spanish cuisine.

Taberna Coloniales: A Local Go-to Spot for Cheap Eats

Taberna Coloniales is the kind of place you would live at if you were going to college in Sevilla, although the crowd certainly isn’t limited to university students. While the food isn’t refined and doesn’t compare to some of the other places in the area, it is representative of the local cuisine, the servings are huge, and the prices are low.

Bar La Eslava: A Unique Take on Andalusian Cuisine

The prize-winning La Eslava might not be located in Sevilla’s historic center, but it’s certainly at the center of the local food scene. The seasonal kitchen and informal vibe are magnetic, drawing everyone from groups of elderly men to modernillos (Spanish hipsters).

Casa Moreno: Seville’s Best Kept Local Secret

Casa Moreno, the oldest existing ultramarino, or grocery store, in Sevilla is still serving it’s original purpose, and then some. Apart from stocking a bounty of quality canned and bulk foods, cheeses and charcuterie, Casa Moreno contains a hidden bar that most tourist never come across.