A food lover’s guide to must-try dishes, specialty products, local recipes and authentic restaurants in top travel destinations around the world.

What to Eat

What to Eat

From classic dishes to new hybrid foods adopted by the locals, we’re helping you find authentic eats and regional specialties no matter where you travel. Our dish and country guides take on individual gastronomies, plate by plate, and help you discover the native food-culture of the places you’re visiting. Follow along as we track down traditional and unique foods across the globe.

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Where to Eat

Where to Eat

Finding fantastic food in a new city can be tricky. We know your time is precious, and so is your stomach space, so we want to help you discover new things to eat that are really worth trying. We do extensive research and follow leads from local foodies to bring you recommendations for outstanding but affordable restaurants near the sights you want to see.

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The World on Your Table

The World on Your Table

Just because you can’t always travel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy mouth-watering foods from other countries at home. We study classic dishes and preparations in their native languages before testing and adjusting the recipes to make it easy for you to cook authentic meals from far away lands. Using all natural ingredients, our recipes help bring wholesome and delicious foods to your table.

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The Folks Behind the Food

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ParTASTE has a growing network of food-obsessed travelers around the globe. We explore travel from the point of view that one of the best ways to experience a new culture is through its food. We believe in the preservation of native gastronomies but also in the reinterpretation of a culture’s cuisine as a way to engage people with tradition in a more contemporary setting. From eating on the street to seeking out restaurants with cutting edge preparations of local ingredients, we cover everything out there that’s worth eating!

We are looking for people with a native or in-depth level of knowledge about a specific country’s gastronomy and food traditions to help us grow. Sharing what you know will help us develop resources for more countries and build our community of hungry travelers. If you are passionate about travel and want to share the gastronomic diversity you experience while traveling, we want to hear from you!

Share recipes from your favorite countries’ cuisines

Recipe contributions require a brief introduction to the dish presented (aprox. 50 – 100 words), the details of the recipe and one photo in horizontal format with minimum dimensions of 667px x 1000px. The photo should represent the dish presented in a traditional manner and have a 2:3 aspect ratio.

The material contributed to ParTASTE, both photos and recipe, can be re-used on your own site but any introductory text or article accompanying the recipe on your own site should be unique from what is published on ParTASTE. If you have step-by-step photographs included with the recipe on your own site, the recipe on ParTASTE can link back to the recipe on your site. Email us for more information about contributing recipes to ParTASTE.

Article collections for Dish du Jour (our blog)

A minimum of three articles is required to publish a country-specific collection of guests posts for Dish du Jour. The first 3 articles must fit specific topics; “10 Tips for Dining in Country”, “A Habit from Country Worth adopting” and “Understanding Country’s Menu”. Beyond the first 3 articles, we encourage pitches along more creative topics pertaining to the same country.

Articles should be between 750 and 1,500 words, but the target is 1,000 words; some articles require more words, some less, so we don’t obsess over it. Each article for Dish du Jour requires photos with a horizontal orientation or two vertical photos that can be combined to create an image with a horizontal orientation. The minimum size required for photographs is 667px x 1000px and there should be at least one photo for every few paragraphs.

All articles contributed to ParTASTE for Dish du Jour will be exclusively published on ParTASTE. Similar pieces to be published elsewhere should be cleared prior to making any commitment to write them. Links to any previously published related articles will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Email us for more information about contributing a collection of articles for Dish du Jour.

City-specific restaurant and market profiles

The requirements to be considered to contribute to our Restaurants and Markets section are very specific and require someone who knows a particular place and its food very well. The objective of our restaurant and market profiles is to explain, in an engaging way, why each place profiled is worth visiting and to set appropriate expectations for what you can find there and the overall feel of the place.

To contribute to this section, you should also understand the point of view from which we recommend restaurants and markets. If you would like to be considered to contribute to our Restaurants and Markets section, please send us a link to a website on which your previous work has been published (and to the specific pieces that are yours), a PDF with 5 examples of your work, or 500 words on one of the best dining experiences you’ve had, an experience you thought was average but that you believe others would appreciate, and one of the worst experiences you have had (from a food, NOT service standpoint).

All restaurant and market profiles contributed to ParTASTE will be exclusively published on ParTASTE. Related pieces on the same restaurant or market are permitted so long as the topic of the piece or point of view from which the piece is written provides a distinct value to the reader from what has been published on ParTASTE. Links to any related articles will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Email us for more information about contributing restaurant or market profiles to ParTASTE.

Country-specific dish profiles

To contribute dish profiles to an existing dish guide, we ask that you pitch the dishes you are interested in writing about as some dish profiles are already written but not yet published. Each individual dish should have a description (100 – 250 words) that explains what it is in a way that entices the readers to want to try it and includes a bit of background / history on the dish (as relevant). Each dish profile requires one photograph in horizontal format (your own or high quality CC) with minimum dimensions of 667px x 1000px and an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Dish profiles which will be considered must be for foods that are typical, traditional or common in the country’s cuisine. Whenever possible, dish profiles should include links to (recommended) places where they can be found in major cities in the dish’s native country.

For any country for which a Dish Guide has not yet been published, a minimum of 15 dish profiles plus an intro to the country is required. The introduction should be no more than 400 words long and be accompanied by a photo to which a graphic text overlay can be applied. Email us for more information about contributing dish profiles or a dish guide to ParTASTE.

Contributing to ParTASTE provides an opportunity for guest bloggers and writers to share their culinary stories with a new audience. Build your portfolio and develop your food-writing and photography skills in a professional capacity while helping us expand our resources on world cuisine and food culture. All contributors will receive a profile on ParTASTE accompanied by a list of all contributed articles and links to their website or portfolio (dofollow) and professional social media accounts (nofollow).

To be considered for contributions, please email The subject line of the email should include your name and the area to which you are interested in contributing. The body of the email should give us some background and explain why you believe that you would be a valuable contributor to ParTASTE. Please make sure to include 2 writing samples (attached or links) and 5 of your own photographs (2 food related, 2 travel related and one of your choice).

At this time, contributions are not paid. Other terms are flexible, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss things with you in further detail. Thank you for your interest in ParTASTE and we look forward to hearing from you!