Where to Eat in Germany

Cafe Krone: Fresh Food & Flame Cake

With an internationally influenced menu, homemade food with an emphasis on quality ingredients, vegetarian and vegan friendly options, a quaint terrace, loads of local character and outstanding service, you would be crazy not to fall in love with Cafe KRONE.

Schwarzwaldstuben: Berlin’s Black Forest Lounge

Schwarzwaldstuben is Berlin’s very own oasis for all things Schwäbische, from the food to the kitsch-meets-cool Black Forest themed decor. A popular restaurant among both locals and in-the-know travelers looking for an authentic taste of Germany.

Das Lokal: Modern German Gastronomy

With a name like Das Lokal, it should come as no surprise that this restaurant is a Locavore’s dream. Serving contemporary German cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and sustainability, Das Lokal is a great place for guilt-free indulging.

W-Der Imbiss: Pizza Naan & Beyond

Berlin is well known for its eclectic restaurant scene and few places embody the melting-pot-nature of the city’s gastronomy like W-Der Imbiss. A self proclaimed “Indo-mexi-cal-ital” restaurant, the food at W-Der Imbiss effortlessly combines a mixture of influences from India, Mexico, California and Italy with more success than you could imagine.