Where to Eat in Madrid

Celso y Manolo: Spanish Bar Food Gets a Makeover

This little “neo-tavern”, located in the heart of Madrid, has done an exceptional job of honoring its heritage, and in more than one way. With their modern interpretation of traditional Spanish food and the love that goes into their cooking, Celso y Manolo draws in diners from all over the city.

Mama Campo: Restaurant, Cantina, Organic Market & More

The aim at Mama Campo is simple, to raise awareness about what, exactly, it is that you are eating and to give you the option to buy organic food that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Their restaurant is a shining example of what you can do with simple, seasonal ingredients, and what real food should taste like.

Vinoteca Moratín: A Market-Fresh Neighborhood Bistrot & Wine Bar

It’s no secret that owner and chef Marcos Gil has a passion for wine, cheese, hospitality and dining. He and his dedicated team serve up a modern interpretation of homemade family recipes. With delicious food, amazing wines and service that’s always warm and welcoming, it’d be foolish not to visit Vinoteca Moratin.

Mercado de la Reina: Serving the Classics, Reinvented

Divided into several distinct areas, this 3-in-1 establishment boasts a pinchos bar, restaurant and gin bar. Mercado de la Reina serves up a thoughtful list of traditional Spanish dishes, reinterpreted with a lighter hand but retaining all of the flavor of the recipes that inspired them.