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Spätzle are small, irregularly-shaped dumplings, like the German cousin of gnocchi. Unlink gnocchi, spätzle are not made with potatoes but rather with flour, eggs and milk. A common side dish in Germany, spätzle can be found fried in butter with spices or boiled to make a starchy accompaniment to gravy drenched meat dishes like goulash. While some of the most dedicated German home cooks have special spätzle shapers, many people push spätzle dough through a colander to form the dumplings’ characteristic shape. Spätzle usually have a rough, rustic appearance and a hand-made texture and taste. Once you try them, we’re sure you’ll appreciate their unique appeal.

Where to find spätzle

Berlin: Berlin’s Spätzle Club is a popular neighborhood lunch spot so the small space is usually very busy. Specializing in fresh, homemade spätzle, they offer plenty of variety, from spätzle salad to butter-fried spätzle with your choice of toppings, and they even have a spätzle and schnitzel special on Fridays.

Munich: Gasthaus Isarthor is perhaps the only traditional restaurant in central Munich that has yet to be discovered by droves of tourists in search of typical Bavarian cuisine. With a warm rustic ambiance, friendly staff, Augustiner freshly tapped from wooden kegs and quality homemade food at rock bottom prices, it’s no wonder Gasthaus Isarthor has a reputation for being one of Munich’s best kept local secrets.

photo by Seph Swain via CC, adapted by ParTASTE.