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Welcome to parTASTE! We thank you for visiting our website. Below you will find information regarding the terms on which parTASTE allows the use of our content and website. We hope you will enjoy parTASTE and please feel free to contact legal@partaste.com with any questions or concerns.



“You”, “your”, “you’re” refers to any user of this site or any other content generated by parTASTE. You agree to use the information and resources provided by parTASTE in a lawful manner. ParTASTE reserves the right to update or modify our Terms of Use at any time without restriction or prior notice. Any updates made to our Terms of Use will supersede any and all preceding versions. Use of and access to content provided by parTASTE after changes to our Terms of Use constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to the updated Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please refrain from the use of this site.


By submitting any photographs, texts, recipes and / or other content to parTASTE, you automatically grant parTASTE irrevocable rights, worldwide and free of charge or licensing fees, to use the submitted content without restriction as we deem appropriate, whether the use of the submitted content is for profit or not. You agree not to seek remuneration, financial or otherwise, from parTASTE or any or it’s employees or related parties for the use of your previously submitted content. Submitted content shall be used by parTASTE to improve the content we provide to our users. You grant rights to parTASTE to use all submitted material to enrich the information we make available in whatever way we deem appropriate. You automatically grant other users of parTASTE the right to access submitted content for the purposes intended by the use of parTASTE and for personal and non-commercial uses as well as those allowed under fair-use laws.

ParTASTE is in no way obligated to publish submitted materials should we determine that they are not suitable for publication. ParTASTE does not and can not ensure the accuracy of all submitted materials which are published. Should you believe any information to be inaccurate, feel free to contact us at editorial@partaste.com. We reserve the right to modify or remove and submitted content at our discretion without providing reason or notice of the modification or removal. Any submitted materials may be published at the discretion of parTASTE in such a manner that they are visible to all users of parTASTE.

At the time of submission, you personally guarantee that you posses complete and irrevocable rights to all content submitted to parTASTE and that you accept 100% liability for any disputes arising from the content you submit to parTASTE. You agree to not submit any content protected by intellectual property laws and in the case that you submit any content created by a third party, you have previously received explicit permission from the owner of the content for submission to parTASTE. You agree not to submit any content which infringes on another party’s rights or causes injury to any person, company or entity. Any content of correspondence between you and parTASTE, including but not limited to mail by post, email and form submission is not considered confidential and may be used without any remuneration or obligation to you.

Should you become aware of any problem arising from content you have previously submitted to parTASTE, you agree to contact parTASTE immediately and resolve the problem peacefully, efficiently and without damages, financial or otherwise, to parTASTE. We respect intellectual property rights and ask our users to do the same. Should you suspect that any content on our site infringes on the rights of another, please contact us immediately and we will remove or restrict access to the content in question until the matter has been resolved. If you believe that your work or the work of someone you know is being used in a way that violates copyright laws, please contact us immediately at legal@partaste.com. We take copyright violations very seriously and will address your concerns promptly.

Our Content

We reserve the rights to all content provided by parTASTE, including, but not limited to: images, texts, graphic elements, logos and derivative works. By accessing and using this site, you acknowledge all intellectual property and proprietary rights retained by parTASTE. You are prohibited from the re-production, distribution, modification, sale, or publication of any content provided by parTASTE unless prior written permission has been obtained from parTASTE. Some content on this site is available for print or download, but only for personal and non-commercial use. The download, copying and printing of any content provided by parTASTE does not constitute the acquisition of any rights to that content. Any commercial use of content provided by parTASTE is strictly prohibited.

Photos that are property of parTASTE will be marked accordingly. Photos owned by parTASTE are protected by international copyright laws, and are not available for use, adaptation or distribution, commercial or otherwise, without explicit and prior written permission to do so. Under some circumstances, as detailed in the Brand Representation section of our Terms of Use, photos can be reproduced digitally without permission, but only under the conditions described.

ParTASTE grants permission, subject to these Terms of Use, to users of our site to view the content provided by parTASTE for personal, non-commercial and non-public use. The use of any information or content provided by parTASTE contrary to that which is described in our Terms of Use is strictly prohibited and requires prior written consent from parTASTE.

Brand Representation

You may use photos from parTASTE without obtaining prior permission on your own personal website when all of the following conditions are met:
1) The photo must link back to the original page on which it was found
2) A text credit that identifies parTASTE as the owner of the photo must accompany the photo. The text must be as noticeable or more noticeable than surrounding copy (at least the same size font and in a color that is of similar tone to the surrounding texts)
3) The photo must appear in it’s original format and size. No cropping is permitted.
4) The photo must be used in a context which specifically discusses ParTASTE or it’s content or for educational purposes

Under no circumstances may content from parTASTE or mention of parTASTE be used in a manner which implies association or endorsement of another brand, organization or person without prior written approval from parTASTE to do so. No copy or excerpt is permitted for use in any way which misrepresents or implies opinions of parTASTE which have not already been explicitly expressed. You may link to http://partaste.com or any other page on the same domain provided that the site on which the link is placed does not compete commercially with parTASTE and does not in any way damage parTASTE or it’s reputation.


We respect your privacy and personal information and in no way will use it in a way that violates your rights or is detrimental to you. Personal information is used for internal purposes only and we will never sell that information to a third party without obtaining explicit permission from you first. Should you provide us with any personal information, you agree to provide accurate information to the best of your ability and update that information should it change and you wish for us to be able to continue providing you with updated content from parTASTE.

Some information may be automatically gathered when you use parTASTE. Such information includes but it not limited to Internet Protocol address, time and date of your visit, pages visited, time spent on pages, your browser and your operating system. Such information is used for statistical purposes only and so that we can continue to provide our users with content and services that best suit their needs.

Should you sign up for our newsletter, you will be required to submit your email address. This is used only by parTASTE and you are free to update your preferences or unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

Release of Liability

ParTASTE will occasionally include links to third party sites in it’s content. We assume no responsibility for anything that occurs once you leave our site. We advise you to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of other sites you visit. Any links we provide are meant to enrich the content we provide. If you find a link to be suspicious for any reason, please notify us and we will address it promptly.

ParTASTE is available “as is” and we do not guarantee the availability of any information at any specific time. We do our best to provide accurate information at all times, however we do not guarantee the accuracy or usefulness of our content. We do not assume responsibility for the manner in which you choose to use the content provided by parTASTE. Any content provided regarding health, wellness or typical ingredients in dishes or foods may not be used against us should your use of this or any other content provided by parTASTE result in any damages, personal or otherwise.


If any information presented in our Terms of Use or elsewhere on parTASTE is unclear, we encourage you to contact us at info@partaste.com. We are committed to addressing all inquiries in a timely manner.

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