Tangy, fried dogfish from the southern coasts of Spain

With a name like bienmesabe, which translates to tastes good to me, this typical fried fish from the coasts of Andulusia is definitely worth trying. Before frying, hearty pieces of dogfish are left to marinate overnight in adobo, a tangy mix of white vinegar, fresh garlic, oregano, sweet Spanish paprika and (optionally) cumin. The next day, each piece of fish is lightly coated in flour and fried in pure olive oil. Although you might have a harder time finding bienmesabe in central Spanish cities like Madrid, it’s especially common along the coastal towns of Southern Spain, particularly in Cadiz. Commonly ordered as a tapa or ración, bienmesabe is a great for sharing, served hot with a wedge of lemon, the flavor is surprisingly refreshing.