Caldo Gallego

 Caldo Gallego 

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If you’re a fan of pork and beans, you’ll feel right at home with a steaming bowl of caldo Gallego. This peasant stew mixes it up with the inclusion of broccoli rabe, potatoes and chorizo floating in a sea of chunky bacon and white beans. A traditional dish from Galicia, a region known for it’s vibrant green landscapes and wet weather, it’s no surprise that this soup is hearty and warming. Although ingredients will vary depending on availability, Galicia’s abundant farmlands help ensure that what goes into caldo Gallego is fresh and nutritious. An opportunity to try a home made bowl of caldo Gallego is not to be missed while traveling through the northwestern regions of Spain.

Where to find Caldo Gallego

Madrid: A small restaurant with the kind of comforting foods that are rarely recreated outside of someone’s home, Villa de Foz pays close attention to the quality of what they are serving and specializes in Galician gastronomy.

Barcelona:¬†Known for it’s rowdy atmosphere, good prices and traditional Spanish dishes, Meson David has been satisfying hungry locals and travelers since the 1920s.