Fiori di Zucca Fritti

Flowers that are good for more than looking pretty, these are great to fry up and eat!

Sometimes the simplest foods are the most delectable, and that is definitely the case when you are talking about fiori di zucca fritti (fried zucchini flowers). These light and delicate fritters contain a subtle burst of flavor. The taste of the blossoms is still reminiscent of zucchini, but in a refreshing way. In spring and summer, fiori di zucca fritti are found all over Italy. Although they are perfect on their own, lightly sprinkled with salt, stuffed versions are just as popular. In Lazio, you find fiori di zucca fritti alla Romana, filled with provatura cheese and anchovies. It’s almost impossible to imagine what fiori di zucca fritti taste like without experiencing them for yourself so they are absolutely something you should try, even if you don’t really like zucchini.