Breakfast, Germans take the first meal of their day very seriously

The word “frühstück” can be explained rather easily as it’s simply the name for breakfast in Germany. Like breakfast in any country, frühstück can consist of many different things depending on your lifestyle and what you, personally, like to eat. The typical German breakfast is a fantastic spread of delicious, cold foods. As found on the menus of cafes and restaurants across Germany, frühstück usually includes a variety of cold cuts, sliced cheese, toast, fruits, soft boiled eggs and lots of bread, served with butter, jam, mustard and honey. The bread culture in Germany is amazing and you’ll find, when it comes to baking bread, Germans really know what they are doing. A traditional frühstück is certainly hearty, but it’s not so heavy that it will weigh you down for the rest of the morning.

* Photo by Susanne Tofern via CC, adapted by ParTASTE.