Sicily & Campania


Potatoes + cheese, need we say more?

Popular in Sicily and Campania, gattò is a dense pie of creamy potatoes stuffed with lots of cheese and Italian deli meat. If buttery potato pie doesn’t quite fit in with your ideas of typical Italian cuisine, we can explain. An ancient recipe, gattò originated in the late 18th century in Naples under the rule of King Ferdinand of the House of Bourbon. Story has it that gattò was created by French chefs for the wedding of King Ferdinand and Maria Carolina. Adapted from the French word gâteau, gattò is a staple of Neapolitan cuisine that delivers as much flavor as it does calories. This rich and filling dish is served as a piatto unico and, once you’ve tried it, there is no question as to why it’s not accompanied by any other course. Get the recipe for gattò…