A meaty Hungarian stew that's been adopted by most of the colder European countries, including Germany

Goulash, or “gulasch” in German, is a meat stew that originated in Hungary and is now hugely poplar in many other countries and regions, including Germany. Many variations of gulasch exist but, at its most basic, it is made from braised meat, paprika and onion. Some optional ingredients include cumin, garlic and red wine but these additions are by no means present in all gulasch recipes. In Germany, the protein used to make gulasch is often beef, but it can also be found with pork or wild boar and, less frequently, lamb, mutton or even horse meat. Although gulasch is a relatively simple stew, long cooking times result in tender, juicy pieces of meat and a creamy, mildly spicy sauce. Gulasch makes for a rich and comforting meal, especially when served with potatoes or German dumplings.