A pretzel-croissant, its deliciousness will surpass your wildest dreams

When you imagine a laugencroissant, think of the layered flaky structure of a croissant, add in buttery goodness, now mix that with the doughy chew, characteristic dark crust and salty-savory flavor of a pretzel, and THAT is a laugencroissant. In short, a laugencroissant is a croissant that has been pretzelized, and yes, it’s every bit as wonderful as you are hoping it will be. The laugencroissant gets its deep brown color, like a pretzel, from a dip in a lye bath prior to baking, the key to producing the special outer crust that helps make the laugencroissant so amazing.

A great snack on its own, laugencroissants can also be cut in half and made into sandwiches, filled with tasty German products from smoked meat and cheese to salmon and greens or anything else that might satisfy a craving. As delicious as it is, the laugencroissant can be hard to track down since it’s not a common bakery item everywhere in Germany, but in case any German bakers guilds are reading, we certainly think that it should be!