Saltimbocca alla Romana

A simple but delicious Roman veal dish that “jumps in your mouth”, literally

This “jumps in your mouth” dish originated in Rome, as the alla Romana, implies. Though preparation varies with the use of different types of meat, the original recipe calls for veal scallopini. Each thin veal cutlet is dressed with a slice of prosciutto and sage, then sautéed in butter and white wine. The ingredients may be simple, but the combination of acidity from the wine, richness from the meat, and fragrance from the sage really does make the flavors of Saltimbocca alla Romana pop. The popularity of this dish spread far beyond it’s Roman roots and can now be found almost anywhere in Italy. Look for words like pollo (chicken), vitello (veal), or manzo (beef) before saltimbocca on the menu so that you know exactly what type of meat you are getting.
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