Tortilla Española

 Tortilla Española 

Throughout Spain
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(also tortilla de patatas) Found on menus all over Spain, you are in for a surprise if you expect this tortilla to be wrapped around beans and cheese. A fritatta of fried potatoes and sometimes onion, the ingredients are kept simple, but the flavor is rich and comforting. In Northern Spain, this dish is preferred with a center that’s is still quite soft and even a little runny. Tortilla can be served hot or cold, and the potatoes may be thinly sliced to the point of dissolving or look like a chunky mosaic suspended by yellow walls of egg. On occasion you can find more creative tortillas with stuffings like cheese, sausage, cod or vegetables. Try just a pincho (small slice) or order a tortilla entera (whole) to share among friends.

Where to find tortilla Española

Madrid: There is a lot of debate over the best tortilla in Madrid but try a pincho at the bar of El Borbollon and you’ll see why it makes the top of that list quite easily.

Barcelona: At Cal Pep the market-fresh ingredients dictate what the kitchen is cooking. Their tortilla’s reputation makes it something that people ask for regularly.

San Sebastian: The tortilla at Bar Nestor is in high demand as it’s only made twice a day, at 1:00pm and at 8:00pm. Get there on time and make sure your name get’s put on the list as this tortilla is reputed to be one of the best in Spain.