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Casa Pache: Abuela-Style Classic Canarian Cuisine


Address: Calle La Verdad, 6, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Hours: in theory every day from 12:30pm – 3:30pm & 7:00pm – 11:00pm – reviews indicate that the hours can vary in reality so if you won’t be in the area, try to call before heading out of your way, or at least have a backup plan in mind

Price: menu: €7.95 Monday – Friday from 12:30pm – 3:00pm (what this includes changes daily) a la carte: starters and raciones from €3.25 – €6.95, entrees from €5.50 – €8.25

Contact: phone: (+34) 922 372 524  email: casapache@hotmail.com

Try the: pollo, atun o conejo en salmorejo (chicken, tuna or rabbit in a sauce of wine, vinegar, garlic and spices – not to be confused with the garlic and tomato based salmorejo of mainland spain), pescado a la plancha (grilled local fish), papas arrugadas con mojo picon, (salted canarian potatoes with spicy sauce), puchero canario (a stew of various meat, vegetable and garbanzo beans)

Type: restaurant

Go for: lunch, dinner, a snack

Credit Cards: major credit cards accepted

Thanks to our penchant for restaurants off the beaten path and a chatty bunch of local workers sitting outside enjoying an afternoon meal with some cold beers, we spotted Casa Pache tucked in along an idyllic sun-drenched corridor steps from the center of Puerto de la Cruz. If it weren’t for the awnings and outdoor seating, you might not realize it was a restaurant at all. Casa Pache looks more like someone’s home than a place to sit down and order off of a menu. With an interior labyrinth of little rooms served by a central hallway and walls covered in all kinds of kitsch, this place is quirky, to say the least. The service was friendly and the food comforting, classic and Canarian. There is no pretense to Casa Pache, just a relaxed atmosphere and good food. If you like budget-friendly restaurants hidden in plain sight with food you are just as likely to find in a Canarian abuela’s kitchen, make sure to visit while you’re in Tenerife.