• La Tasca de Enfrente

La Tasca de Enfrente: Delicious No-Frills Food in a Typical Spanish Tavern


Address: Calle Doctor Jose Naveiras, 9, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain

Hours: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am

Price: a la carte: starters from €4.00 – €5.00, racíones from €7.00 – €9.00, beer €1.50

Contact: phone: (+34) 922 271 097

Try the: vueltas, tortilla, tomates – Tasca de Enfrente

Type: restaurant, tavern

Go for: lunch, snack, drinks

Credit Cards: CASH ONLY

La Tasca de Enfrente is a classic spanish taberna. The decor is rustic but welcoming and, despite the limited menu, they have something for everybody. For adventure eaters, carajaca, a traditional dish of marinated liver, is the way to go. For the less adventurous carnivore, the tender vueltas are delicious, simple but well seasoned with a kick of garlic and just enough vinegar to add a balanced acidity to the flavor of the steak. For vegetarians, there are several options; try one of la Tasca’s varieties of freshly made tortilla, rich in potato flavor and not gooey, but not dry. Even vegans can snack here on seasoned tomatoes, a local favorite, grilled mushrooms, or peppers fried in olive oil.

The food at La Tasca de Enfrente is not fancy and the ambiance isn’t either, but when it comes to satisfied customers, they aren’t messing around. The staff is friendly and happy to see customers enter. Watching locals filter in and out gives you the sense that this is a neighborhood joint, frequented by a group of regulars and a few newcomers here and there. With cheap prices and comforting food, La Tasca de Enfrente is the perfect place for a quick snack or light meal when in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.