Laurent Dubois: Gourmet Heaven by the King of Cheese

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Tues – Sat
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9:00am to 1:00pm
Closed Mondays

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Tues – Sat
9:00am to 8:00pm
9:00am to 1:00pm
Closed Mondays.



Type: bar, restaurant, historic tavern, hip cafe, bakery

Le Marais, St Victor & Grenelle

* photo via Laurent Dubois


“When you step into one of our shops, you enter a universe of cheese,” attests Laurent Dubois about his namesake fromageries. Dubois is a 2000 title holder of the highly coveted Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the highest honor for a cheesemonger and affineur in France. If this accolade isn’t enough to entice gourmands to step inside any of his 3 Paris fromageries, we are at a loss for what would be. Upon entering one of these shops, it is a challenge not to be overwhelmed by the sheer variety and smells of what appears to be a small museum dedicated to cheese. Just like any trip to the museum, a visit to Laurent Dubois should not be a rushed experience – time is not of the essence as you carefully reflect and ponder the picture-perfect fromage displays which greet you upon entering.

One of the best things about being at Laurent Dubois is that you can admire and taste the œuvres d’art as the hired cheese connaisseurs, in their impeccable English, share their knowledge and recommendations for perfect cheese pairings, be it with a special wine or food for a casual gathering. When choosing the perfect cheese, you are invited to sample as many as you feel necessary. Don’t worry, you won’t be testing the connaisseurs’ patience; they are simply living out their passion with you. With such a wide selection of cheeses in a small space, one might rightfully wonder how Laurent Dubois still has room for its patrons. A word of warning: Given the shop’s immense popularity with locals and tourists alike, it does get very crowded. However, don’t let that deter you, regardless of crowds, Laurent Dubois is a Parisian landmark that’s definitely worth visiting.

Why We Want to Go

  • Substance and style are on par at Laurent Dubois – from the moment you set foot in the shop to the moment you leave, inevitably with a souvenir in hand, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been treated to an unparalleled food shopping experience.
  • The attention to detail is meticulous and potential travel needs are looked after with careful vacuum packing so that any purchases you make will be flight-friendly.
  • Each shop houses their own cave dáffinage, or cheese cellar, so that all of the cheese varieties can thrive and mature in the best possible environment to reach their optimal condition.

What We Want to Eat

  • Comté: an intense, perfectly aged, raw milk cheese. It has a rich, complex flavor and originates from the Jura Massif region in Eastern France.
  • Honey and pistachio chèvre: a tart goat’s cheese paired with the nuttiness of pistachio and sweetness of honey, the perfect explosion of tastes
  • Camembert with porcini mushrooms: rich, creamy Camembert enhanced by the earthy flavors of porcini mushrooms – sounds like an excellent combination
  • Roquefort with quince: cheese and quince paste is a classic pairing. We love the idea of Roquefort’s tangy, sharp flavors blending in harmony with the intense fruity sweetness of quince.
  • Laurent Dubois is in a class of its own when it comes to infusing different ingredients into their cheeses. Brie with walnut is a fan favorite but Brie with figs, where the creamy cheese is sliced around a fig filling, sounds heavenly.

Laurent Dubois

Dupleix: 2 Rue de Lourmel,
Maubert-Mutualité: 47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain,
Saint- Paul: 97-99 rue de Saint Antoine,
Paris, France

 (Dupleix) (+33) 1 45 78 70 58

 (Maubert) (+33) 1 43 54 50 93

 (Saint-Paul) (+33) 1 48 87 17 10