Chez Hanna: Falafel Done the Parisian Way

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Tue – Sun
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Type: casual restaurant, fast food

Le Marais

* photo via Chez Hanna, adapted by ParTASTE


A Parisian might argue that the most local meal you could have while visiting their city has nothing to do with native French cuisine. If you were to name only one Rue in Paris that lays claim to this, it would be Rue des Rosiers, in Le Marais, with its neighborhood buzz and abundant kosher eateries lining the street. If you want a break from bœuf bourguignon and other typical French specialties, we don’t blame you. Step in Chez Hanna, your one-stop option for an alternative to traditional French dining.

When you eat at Chez Hanna, you are inadvertently picking sides in a long-standing rivalry – the war of the falafels. Mention Chez Hanna and you’ll almost certainly be met with mention of L’As du Falafel. Although L’As du Falafel may be the preferred choice of Lenny Kravitz and reigns king of falafel for many, Chez Hanna certainly holds its own and is known as the local’s best kept secret. Chez Hanna’s falafels have gained a following of loyal fans from far and wide who insist on coming here to have classics such as the falafel pita sandwich. If you aren’t in the mood for falafel, there are also an abundance of dishes that include meat; whether you’re a carnivore or you prefer your food to be vegetarian-friendly, Chez Hanna is ready to provide you with an intensely savory and satisfying experience in non-French Parisian dining.

Why We Want to Go

  • The falafel, obviously. Many adoring fans, including those who are well-versed in Middle Eastern cuisine, will attest to it being superior to even those in Middle Eastern countries.
  • For a break from formal dining. Chez Hanna boasts an unpretentious, homely atmosphere which is loud and energetic but great fun and perfect for people watching.
  • To get a taste for Le Marais, Paris’ Jewish quarter. What better way to get to know a neighborhood than eating shoulder to shoulder among a crowded locals scene?

What We Want to Eat

  • The falafel special and falafel pita sandwich: both have people raving – the falafel is known to be crunchy on the outside and perfectly moist on the inside. For the sandwich, add in fresh vegetables, silky eggplant, tahini and creamy hummus encased in steaming, fluffy pita bread… and some authentic sauce of course… make it spicy.
  • Turkey schawarma: grilled turkey with onions and exotic spices, yummy!
  • Eggplant caviar: known for its delicious smoky flavor.
  • Israeli wines and beer like Maccabee.
  • Limo’nana: homemade Israeli lemonade with mint leaves; sure to help the falafel go down nicely.

Chez Hanna

54 Rue des Rosiers,
Paris, France

  (+33) 1 42 74 74 99

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