Italian Recipes

Original Tijuana Caesar Salad & Homemade Dressing Recipe

There is no disputing the world-wide popularity of the Caesar salad, but you might be surprised to find out that this salad does not come from Italy. While it is named after an Italian (American) chef, Cesare Cardini, if you attribute it to the place it was created, the Caesar salad belongs to Mexican gastronomy.

Caffè Shakerato – A Frosty Way to Enjoy Your Coffee

The Italians have a way with coffee, and the caffè shakerato is a true testament to that. Perfect for sweltering Italian summers, a bit of sugar and generous scoop of ice transform a standard espresso shot into a frothy, refreshing alternative to a regular iced coffee.

Gattò – Cheese & Potato Casserole

This crispy and creamy “pie” from Naples is warm and comforting, with a distinctive outer crunch thanks to a coating of breadcrumbs and an extra bit of savory flavor from Italian deli meats.