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Bar Almudín: A Classic Vermouth Bar & Free Tapas to Go with Your Drinks

Tues – Sun

Tues – Sun
1:00pm to 5:00pm & 7:00pm to 1:30am


Price: tasting menu: your choice of 5 starters, a rice dish and home-made dessert for  €16.00 a la carte: €2.00 – €15.00

Traditional Spanish & Tapas

Type: bar, restaurant, historic shop

Ciutat Vella

Bar Almudín has everything you’d expect to find in a Spanish restaurant: mouth-watering tapas, paella, the ubiquitous patatas bravas, old-world charm and a sunny terrace. But they are missing one thing, unapologetically: free wifi. You may not have internet access at Bar Almudín, but don’t worry, a few sips from an ice-cold glass of vermouth de Reus, served as it should be with an orange slice, and your email and social media accounts will be the furthest things from your mind.

When you order a drink at Bar Almudín, be it the vermouth or a glass of wine from their collection of local and boutique bottles, you’ll receive a complementary tapa which is sure to entice you to order more. If you aren’t too hungry, go for the delicious albóndigas (meatballs), served in a rich gravy made with Miró vermouth and priced per meatball. If you are starved but trying to be healthy, go for the juicy grilled vegetable platter with romesco sauce. If you’ve really brought your appetite, order the tasting menu, with 5 appetizers, a rice dish and desert all for 16 euro, it’s a steal. Other specialties include seafood tapas and the aforementioned patatas bravas. With a menu full of home-made Spanish dishes, no matter what you order, you are sure to leave Bar Almudín with a smile on your face and a satisfied belly.

What to Order

  • Albóndigas
  • Any of the rice dishes
  • Patatas bravas
  • Fresh grilled veggies with romesco

Bar Almudín

Calle Almudín 14,
Valencia, Spain

  (+34) 963 52 54 78

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