• Can Joan de SAigo

Can Joan de S’Aigo: A Historic Chocolateria in a Hidden Corner of Palma

Wed – Mon

Mon – Fri
8:00am to 9:00pm
Sat – Sun
8:00am to 9:15pm


Price: pastries from €1.30 – €3.10, coffee and teas from €1.30 – €2.60, ice cream €2.20, drinking chocolate €2.10

Spanish Pastry

Type: bakery, cafe, ice cream parlor


Also in the area: Santa Eulalia, Can Forteza ReyFundacio La Caixa

A lot has changed since 1700, but Can Joan de S’Aigo in Palma de Mallorca seems to have snuck by unaffected by time. Although famous for sweets and chocolate, flocks of tourists are suspiciously absent at Can Joan de S’Aigo, and if you make your way there, it becomes more apparent why. Located in one of the older quarters of the city, you have to navigate your way through a maze of narrow, seemingly deserted alleys before reaching this antiquated bakery. Step off the street and back into a different century to taste some of the best pastries Mallorca has to offer, and if it’s a warm out, try the almond ice cream, made in-house with almond milk rather than dairy. An aged sparkle is still visible inside Can Joan de S’Aigo and it’s easy to imagine the opulence it must have had in a different era. Steeped in tradition, this little slice of Palma’s history remains a meeting point for families and friends across generations and a place for celebrations, religious or otherwise.

What to Order

  • Coca de trempó (rich vegetables atop a thin, crisp base)
  • Empanada con guisantes / panada amb pèsols (empanada with meat and peas)
  • Ensaïmada (iconic Mallorcan pastry of flaky layers of dough)
  • Chocolate a la taza / xocolata calenta (rich, molten chocolate)
  • Cuarto (spong cake made with potato starch) and almond milk ice cream

Can Joan de S’Aigo

Carrer de Can Sanç (Carrer de Can Sanz), 10,
Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

  (+34) 971 710 759


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highly recommended