• Enrique Becerra

Enrique Becerra: An Authentic Taste of Andalusian-style Dining

Mon – Sat

Mon – Sat
1:00pm to 4:30pm & 8:00pm to 12:00am


Price: tapas: €3.00 – €3.80 medias: €8.50 – €22.00 restaurant a la carte: starters from €8.90 – €22.00, entrees from €17.60 – €25.90

Modern Spanish

Type: tapas bar, restaurant

With an abundance of dining choices in the area, this classic tapas bar and restaurant might be easy to overlook, but to do so would certainly be a mistake. Dining in a converted pair of 17th century houses, Enrique Becerra is a place where you get an authentic taste of Spain, particularly Andalucía. Sevilla is overrun with menus offering original interpretations of Spanish cuisine, but Enrique Becerra set that standard and continues to make diners happy with fresh ingredients, delicious tapas and warm service.

The food at Enrique Becerra isn’t what you would call cutting edge, but it’s better than a lot of the so-called avant-garde restaurants out there. The genius in the food lies in it’s apparent simplicity. How many times have you seen a plate splattered with a rainbow of sauces and reductions only to find that the actual food was cooked improperly, seasoned improperly, or just didn’t taste good? Some of the dishes at Enrique Becerra might look downright rustic, but don’t let that deceive you, the flavors and execution are spot on.  It’s evident that Enrique has a solid foundation in traditional Spanish cuisine, but he updates the classics with grace and restraint, maintaining the integrity of the original dishes while giving them a subtle twist.

What to Order

  • Pinchito de cordero y dátiles con cuscús
  • Cazón en adobo
  • Flamenquines de espárragos verde
  • Albóndigas de cordero con yerbabuena
  • Atun fresco a la plancha con salmorejo

Enrique Becerra

Calle Gamazo, 2,
Seville, Spain

  (+34) 954 213 049



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