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Lokal: Modern German Gastronomy

Open Every Day

Sat – Mon
5:00pm to 11:00pm
Tues – Fri
12:00pm to 4:00pm & 6:00pm to 11:00pm


Price: menu: €29 – €34 for 3 courses a la carte: starters from €6 – €11, mains from €14 – €25, desserts from €5 – €10

Market-Driven German

Type: restaurant


With a name like Das Lokal, it should come as no surprise that this restaurant is a Locavore’s dream. Serving contemporary German cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and sustainability, Das Lokal is a great place for guilt-free indulging. The food is based on traditional German dishes and everything manages to be rich without being heavy. The only thing that could prevent you from enjoying a great meal at Das Local, regardless of the day of the week, is the fact that there is rarely an empty seat. We naively showed up without a reservation, but luckily had time to spare so were able to wait for one of the last available tables that evening. Even when people are spilling out onto the street, the friendly staff at Das Lokal does their best to be accommodating.

From the service to the use of regional ingredients, it’s obvious that the task of providing diners with a quality experience is taken very seriously. The decor of the small corner restaurant is minimal with rustic furnishings and soft lighting. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. The menu, although short and constantly changing, offers something for everybody, from vegetarian dishes to offal to game meats. Every dish served is home made and it’s abundantly clear that the kitchen knows exactly what they are doing. Das Lokal sets the bar for delicious modern food that maintains the integrity of German gastronomy.

Das Lokal

Linienstraße 160,
Berlin, Germany

  (+49) 302 844 9500



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