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Restaurant & Bar Keyser Soze: Breakfasts & Beyond in Berlin

Open Every Day

Mon – Sun
7:30am to 3:00am


Price: breakfast: from €1.90 – €9.50 lunch: from €4.90 – €6.50 a la carte: salads €3.50 – €8.90, soups €3.90 – €5.90, toasts €3.20 – €6.00, mains €3.90 – €16.90, desserts €2.90 – €5.90

German Breakfast

Type: bar, restaurant, hip cafe


Although we had very little time at Keyser Soze, we saw enough to know that next time we’re in Berlin, we’ll be back. Our objective at Keyser Soze was to squeeze in one last bite to eat before catching a bus to Prague, and we wanted to make it good. We had been on the hunt for arme ritter, a German version of French toast, and were particularly intrigued by the idea of Keyser Soze’s herb-seasoned take on it. The arme ritter was absolutely worth the rushed detour between hotel and bus station, but everything coming out of the kitchen looked equally delicious. While Keyser Soze offers a lot more than breakfast, breakfast is definitely a main feature, served until 6:00pm with an ample variety of dishes to choose from.

Since we didn’t have the chance to try it, we can’t vouch for the food served for lunch and dinner, but if breakfast was any indicator, Keyser Soze would be good for a meal any time of day. We can imagine ourselves enjoying a relaxing morning or afternoon at one of the street-side tables with Keyser Soze’s breakfast platter (small, medium or large), covered with a beautiful selection of cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruits, marmalade, butter and clotted cream, served with a basket full of fresh breads. If you aren’t really a breakfast person, Keyser Soze still has a lot going on; it’s well known for its nightlife, cocktails and Länderabend, Sunday parties held monthly that feature food, drinks and live music from a chosen country. With so much to offer, the only thing we can say disappointed us about Keyser Soze was that we didn’t have enough time to spend there.

Restaurant und Bar Keyser Soze

Tucholskystraße 33,
Berlin, Germany

  (+49) 302 859 9489



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