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Vinoteca Moratín: A Market-Fresh Neighborhood Bistrot & Wine Bar

Tues – Sat

Tues – Sat
1:30pm to 4:00pm & 7:30pm to 12:00am
closed Sun & Mon


Price: raciones: 7€- 15€ each

Spanish Bistro

Type: restaurant, bistrot

Barrio de las Letras

Any restaurant that dares call itself a Vinoteca better have good wine, and this is certainly the case at Vinoteca Moratín. With a large array of wines by the glass and over 100 by the bottle, making a selection can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, the staff at this charming Spanish-style Bistrot is happy to help, and when it comes to suggesting wines and pairings, they really know what they’re doing. The carefully chosen collection of bottles, many from small producers across Spain, France and Portugal, are all offered at a more-than-fair price and give a pretty good idea of the kind of standards you can expect to find at Vinoteca Moratín.

It’s no secret that owner and chef Marcos Gil has a passion for wine, cheese, hospitality and dining. He and his dedicated team serve up a modern interpretation of homemade family recipes. The ingredients used to make the food, many of which come from the nearby Anton Martin Market, are hand-selected daily to ensure they are of the highest quality. It’s not uncommon that Marcos himself will attend to you, but regardless, the service at Vinoteca Moratín is always warm and welcoming.

The restaurant’s menu is short and sweet, and it proves that there is beauty in simplicity. Consisting of 10+ dishes, some of which change seasonally, and a few off-the-menu daily specialties, there’s not a single dish on offer that isn’t worth ordering. Like their menu, the food isn’t overworked but rather thoughtfully composed, allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine through, their intensity heightened by lovingly executed cooking technique. If you aren’t sure what to order, the folks at Moratín are there for you, ready to explain each dish table-side, with personal recommendations upon request; a rarity in reasonably priced restaurants in Spain, and even in many of the exorbitantly expensive ones.

To create an intimate, but comfortable, setting, Marcos borrowed the aesthetic expertise of his brother and gallerist, Alejandro, and it shows. From vases of fresh flowers to the glow of flickering candle light, the rustic-modern style of Moratín’s tiny interior oozes charm in every detail. With outstanding service, food, wines and ambiance, it’s no wonder Vinoteca Moratín quickly gained a reputation as one of Barrio de Las Letras’ best places to eat.

What to Order

  • Leek confit with romesco sauce
  • Arichokes with cecina salt
  • Monkfish mi-cuit with baby fava beans
  • Steak tartar
  • Veal cheek cannelloni

Vinoteca Moratín

Calle Moratín, 36,
Madrid, Spain

  (+34) 911 276 085



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highly recommended

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