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Mama Campo: Restaurant, Cantina, Organic Market & More

Open Every Day

Mon – Thurs
1:30pm to 4pm & 8:30pm to 11:30pm
Fri – Sat
1:30pm to 4pm & 8:30pm to 12:00am


Price: restaurant – a la carte: starters from €8.00 – €11.00, raciones from €10.00 – €12.50, mains from €12.50 -€17.00, desserts from €5.75 – €6.00

Modern Spanish

Type: restaurant, cantina, organic groceries


At Mama Campo, they do things the way they have always been done, and that’s precisely what makes them different. While Mama Campo may be leading the organic trend in Madrid, what they are really doing is preserving and championing the way that food was purchased and consumed not so long ago in Spain.

Unlike in many major cities around the world, the word organic has yet to be exploited as a marketing ploy in Madrid. For a very long time, and still in many smaller towns and villages, there was no reason to label things as organic because the food available was organic by default. Spain is a country covered in traditional markets filled with individual vendors who sell their products to neighborhood shoppers. Even in the city centers, it’s easy to find individual bakeries, butchers and fishmongers. But the times, they are a changing.

While awareness is raising that the products for sale these days, even those sold in traditional markets, aren’t as natural as they should be, a stigma still hangs around the label organic. To many, organic says one thing, expensive. In a country that is still trying to pull itself out of a devastating financial crisis, the notion of something being more expensive certainly isn’t going to help you sell it. Even local farms and producers whose goods are organic hesitate to label them as such. Why? Because the certifications cost too much.

Mama Campo’s restaurant follows a farm-to-table concept, working with organic producers from around Spain, using as many local providers as possible. The ingredients and underlying flavors of the food served at Mama Campo are decidedly traditional. The dishes are those which you could find in any number of homes across Spain, but with a twist. Mama Campo’s recipes are definitely more creative than those of the typical Spanish grandmother and their presentation is clean and modern, yet it remains obvious that what makes the food truly outstanding are the whole products that go into each dish.

Service at Mama Campo is friendly and attentive. The staff is happy to explain any dish to you and make recommendations, but they aren’t sterotypical “green freaks”; they won’t try to turn you into a health nut or convince you that the way they do things is better. Then again, why would they have to convince you, their food will do that on its own. The restaurant space has an eco-trendy, neighborhood vibe. Created using natural materials and with sustainability in mind, a collaboration between a long list of craftsman and local artists, its design has earned recognition from the likes of the Premio Metrópoli, Arquitectural Digest and the New York Times.

Following the same principles as their restaurant, you will find Mama Campo’s produce store just around the corner on Calle Trafalgar. A bright and playful interior invites you in to browse their products which, by the way, are the same used to cook the dishes at their restaurant. Whether you are in the mood for fresh vegetables, sustainable seafood, Panic’s artisan bread, or charcuterie, they’ve got you covered. Working almost exclusively with small producers, the variety that Mama Campo offers is impressive. If you are looking for something more ready-made, you can find select dishes like creamy salmorejo, straight off of their menu, packaged in to-go form and waiting to be taken home and enjoyed at your leisure.

The aim at Mama Campo is simple, to raise awareness about what, exactly, it is that you are buying and eating and to give Madrileños the option to buy organic food that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Their restaurant is a shining example of what you can do with simple, seasonal ingredients, and what real food should taste like. Their newly opened Cantina and its lively terrace offer tavern-style dishes and tapas in a more casual atmosphere with slightly lower prices, maintaining the level of quality their brand has come to be known for. Mama Campo is paving the way to make organic food in Madrid less hippie and more hipster, they are happy to welcome everyone who takes an interest in their concept, and we’re happy to see them do it.

What to Order

  • Grilled vegetables with mojo and romesco sauce
  • Cocido croquetas
  • Vegetable and chicken escabeche
  • Stewed pork cheek with potato puree and fruit confit

Mama Campo

The official address is Calle Trafalgar, 22, Madrid, Spain, however, this is where you will find the store. The restaurant and cantina are located in the southeastern quadrant of Plaza Olavide, just around the corner.

  (+34) 914 474 138



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