Saint Mary’s Cathedral – Valencia, Spain

Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Valencia

Although Saint Mary’s Cathedral, also known as the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia or, simply, the Valencia Cathedral, has been the city’s largest Roman Catholic church for almost 8 centuries, the site has been of religious importance for far longer than that. Initially a Roman-Visigoth Temple, later converted into a Mosque during the Moorish occupation of Valencia, the Valencia Cathedral certainly has seen its share of history. Impressively, some remnants of the original temple still remain, among them a 6th century crypt chapel. Today’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1230, but the building process continued beyond that for several centuries.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral stands in Valencia’s El Carmen neighborhood, sandwiched between the Plaza de la Reina and Plaza del Virgen. It can be seen from all over Valencia thanks to El Micalet, the Cathedral’s 14th Century, octagonal bell-tower. Saint Mary’s is often referred to as Gothic in style, yet its drawn-out construction time resulted in a mix of architectural styles. While Gothic characteristics are certainly the most apparent, Baroque and Romanesque, and to a lesser degree, Neoclassical elements can be identified with relative ease.

If all of this isn’t enough to entice you to visit Saint Mary’s, the Cathedral is also allegedly home to one of Christianity’s most famous pieces of history: the Holy Grail, used by Christ during the last supper and dating back to the 1st century BC. Known as Santo Caliz, the Vatican has yet to confirm the chalice’s authenticity, but you can make up your own opinion since it stands on display for public viewing.

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