Caffè Shakerato – A Frosty Way to Enjoy Your Coffee

The Italians have a way with coffee, and the caffè shakerato is a true testament to that. Perfect for sweltering Italian summers, a bit of sugar and generous scoop of ice transform a standard espresso shot into a frothy, refreshing alternative to a regular iced coffee.

Manchego & Membrillo Stacks

Manchego cheese and membrillo are a classic Spanish combo. We pair these two simple snacks with gourmet Cantabrian anchovies for a well-rounded bite that’s both sweet and savory.

Gattò – Cheese & Potato Casserole

This crispy and creamy “pie” from Naples is warm and comforting, with a distinctive outer crunch thanks to a coating of breadcrumbs and an extra bit of savory flavor from Italian deli meats.