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Mercado de la Encarnación: A Traditional Market with an Extreme Makeover

Every Day

Mon – Sun
8:00am to 3:00pm


As most markets allow their vendors to set prices and accept payment according to individual needs, we do not provide price or payment guidelines for markets. Some websites will provide information on a vendor by vendor basis so we recommend you check them if you are interested, otherwise, be prepared to pay with cash.



The Mercado de la Encarnación is not a new market in Sevilla, but to say that it has gone under some renovations in recent years would be a gigantic understatement. Located at the base of the Espacio Metropol Parasol, locally referred to as las setas (the mushrooms), this market beats with the pulse of traditional Sevillano life in one of the most modern pieces of architecture the city has ever seen. Love or hate the structure, you can’t help but love Mercado de la Encarnación.

Walking through the local markets of Europe with somewhat ostentatious photography equipment hanging around your neck doesn’t always grant you a warm welcome from the people working or going about their daily shopping, but at the Mercado de la Encarnación, no one seemed to mind. People were friendly, smiling even, probably well aware of the fact that I wasn’t there to stock up on groceries. That being said, if I lived in Sevilla, this is undoubtedly the place I would want to do my shopping.

With a central location and 40 different stalls offering an array of beautifully merchandised fresh foods, it’s hard to imagine that any of your grocery needs would go unmet here. From vibrant fruits to game meats, Mercado de la Encarnación offers just about everything you would want to eat. And if all of that shopping makes you hungry, you can stop for a quick snack at one of the two cafes in the market attended by a staff just as friendly as the vendors tending to their customers.

Mercado de la Encarnación

Plaza de la Encarnación,
Sevilla, Spain
Beneath the Espacio Metropol Parasol

  (+34) 954 224 353