• El Tap i Altres Terres

El Tap i Altres Terres: Top-notch Food and Well-chosen Wines


Address: Calle Roteros, 9, Valencia, Spain

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm & Monday – Saturday from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm, closed Mondays for lunch and Sundays

Price: starters from €5.00 – €15.00, meats from €5.00 – €12.00, fish from €8.50 – €11.00

Contact: website: www.restaurantevalenciaeltap.es

email: bea_ugo@hotmail.com phone: (+34) 963 912 627

Try the: Coca con longaniza y habitas baby (Spanish flatbread with sausage and baby fava beans), lomo de orza con salsa de cabrales y frutos secos (marinated pork loin with blue cheese sauce and nuts), carpaccio de langostinos con vinagreta de lima (jumbo shrimp carpaccio with lime vinaigrette)

Type: restaurant

Go for: lunch, dinner, a date

Credit Cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card

In central Valencia, a stone’s throw from the Torres de Serrano, El Tap i Altres Terres stands out among a sea of restaurants. Their decor is plain and simple, there is no one out front urging you to come eat, but if you catch a whiff of the food they are serving, the smell will stop you dead in your tracks. The dishes coming out of the kitchen at El Tap i Altres Terres are worth backtracking for, turn around and take a seat, you won’t regret eating here.

The menu at El Tap i Altres Terres is short but thoughtful and the wine list comprehensive and well chosen. The staff couldn’t be more friendly, making you feel welcome and at home from the minute you walk in. The food is made from top-notch ingredients and embraces the simplicity of Spanish cuisine while seeing it from a fresh perspective. In theory, the dishes are some of the most traditional that Spain has to offer, but some subtle modern thinking and a lot of finesse with traditional cooking techniques results in a meal that is original, creative and classic enough to make you realize that the people at El Tap i Altres Terres love their food.