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Pizzeria O’Vesuvio: Pizza Napoletana Finds Its Way to Florence

Normally we’d dismiss any place that was associated with reality TV from being authentic, but for O’Vesuvio we’ll make an exception. O’Vesuvio, a Napoletana style pizzeria, opened in Florence shortly before the filming of Jersey Shore’s season in Italy. When the opportunity arose to have a crew of New Jersey natives intern at O’Vesuvio and be filmed, airing to massive audiences, Marco, owner of O’Vesuvio, took it. Love or hate the fact that a Naples native allowed his pizzeria to be associated with Jersey Shore, you are sure to love their food.

Following regulations set by the association for Verace Pizza Napoletana,
the pies at O’Vesuvio use quality ingredients, are baked in a wood burning oven and are made to order. The menu at O’Vesuvio includes several typical Napoletana pizzas, the Margherita, Sasicc’e friarell and Marinara, plus a comprehensive list of more creative ones. With fresh flavors, delicious cheese and a fluffy crust that has just the right amount of crunch to it, O’Vesuvio’s respect for Napoletana traditions pays off. There’s no denying that they makes some of the best pizzas in Florence, guido marketing aside.

Pizzeria O’Vesuvio

Via dei Cimatori 21R, Florence, Italy

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