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Schwarzwaldstuben: Berlin's Black Forest Lounge

Open Every Day

Mon – Sun
9:00am to midnight


Price: breakfast: €7.50 –  €8.50, snacks: €4.50 –  €8.50, soup: €5.50, hors d’oeuvres and salads: €3.50 –  €9.00,  main courses: €6.50 –  €14.50, flammkuchen: €7.00 –  €8.50, desserts: €6.50

Modern German

Type: restaurant, bar


Finding amazing German food in Berlin is a lot more difficult than one might imagine. On the one hand, you are in Germany. On the other, you are in a city that embraces the cuisines of other cultures as much as, and possibly more than, its own. Add in the fact that German cuisine is super regional and what many people think of as German food is actually Swabian, and you’ll start to understand why a traditional “German” meal isn’t so easy to come by in Berlin. Enter Schwarzwaldstuben, Berlin’s very own oasis for all things Schwäbische, from the food to the kitsch-meets-cool Schwarzwald themed decor. A popular restaurant among both locals and in-the-know travelers looking for an authentic taste of Germany, if you go early or for lunch, you’ll probably be able to grab a seat, but for dinner, we highly recommend you call to make a reservation.

A meal at Schwarzwaldstuben is everything you could ask for: food is home-cooked, thirst-quenching cult beer Rothaus is served on tap, the interior is a cozy, fantastical interpretation of a “Black Forest Lounge” and the prices are more than fair. Everything we tried at Schwarzwaldstuben was flavorful, comforting and super generous in terms of serving size. The food was a thoughtfully elevated version of classic German dishes, plated with finesse but staying true to the cuisine’s roots. Located a couple of blocks off of Auguststraße, Schwarzwaldstuben’s summer terrace is great for people watching along the gallery and boutique lined streets of central Mitte, but we’d argue that it’s still worth taking a seat inside to enjoy Schwarzwaldstuben’s quirky atmosphere. Whatever you choose, so long as you give Schwarzwaldstuben a try, you really can’t go wrong.

What to Order

  • maultaschen (German stuffed noodles, sort of like ravioli)
  • pork schnitzel, käsespätzle (German noodle-dumplings meet mac & cheese)
  • kaiserschmarrn (a pancake-like dessert)


Tucholskystraße 48, 
Berlin, Germany

  (+49) 302 809 8084



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