Käfer Schänke: Modern German Dining in Munich

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* photo via Käfer Schänke, adapted by ParTASTE


From humble beginnings, the restaurant and catering conglomerate Käfer heralds a new wave of restaurants that honor culinary tradition, paying impeccable attention to detail and Käfer Schänke has thus cemented its position as one of the must-try gourmet restaurants in Munich. To really get to know Käfer Schänke means a one-time visit is not enough – in a setting reminiscent of an Alpine chalet, it has 12 private dining rooms in addition to its main room, each with their own character and style. Whether you’re in Munich on a romantic getaway or visiting with a large group of friends, Käfer Schänke is a restaurant to remember.

The food at Käfer Schänke showcases European cuisine at its finest, but also ventures beyond Europe to as far as Asia while debunking the myths surrounding German cuisine and its apparent blandness. With a demanding clientele of diners which includes a list of Munich’s biggest names, including politicians and business highflyers, chef Volker Eisenmann knows how to keep them satisifed, and it isn’t by serving the kind of pretentious fanfare you might expect. Eisenmann’s philosophy insists on using ingredients which are absolutely fresh and of the highest quality. He likes to experiment using modern techniques but without compromising the substance of the food. It must be said that although Käfer Schänke’s menu is meat-centric, it still does a good job at meeting the needs of the vegetarian palate.

A highlight of the setting at Käfer Schänke has to be the open kitchen, inspired by the the kitchens of old German castles, this is where culinary magic happens. The restaurant also houses a cozy lounge with an open fireplace where you can relax in style with a drink before or after your meal. As a well-established Munich institution and exclusive gourmet destination, when it comes to price, a meal at Käfer Schänke is on the expensive side, but many frequent diners will vouch that the experience justifies a bit of extra spending.

Why We Want to Go

  • Whatever setting you desire, Käfer Schänke has you covered; not many restaurants boast 12 distinctly styled dining rooms!
  • The food at Käfer Schänke is top-notch and you can bring some of that home with you thanks to the deluxe gourmet shop beneath the restaurant. We want to get lost in the decadent world of Käfer Schänke.
  • As if the eclectic menu wasn’t enough, the excellent wine selection offers another incentive to come to one of Germany’s top restaurants.

What We Want to Eat

  • Pumpkin curry soup – a hearty, wholesome starter dish, perfect for Munich’s colder climate.
  • Carpaccio Cipriani – thin, raw slices of beef, this popular appetizer wouldn’t be complete without the lemon-pepper mayonnaise and arugula for zest and tanginess.
  • Flammkuchen – an Alsatian specialty that’s thin, crispy and simply delicious. You have to try it at least once while you’re in Germany.
  • Crispy Fried whole Duck – a highly acclaimed dish cooked in authentic French ovens. You might have previously enjoyed duck in many different styles, but don’t forego the opportunity to try Käfer Schänke’s piece de résistance when you have the chance.
  • At least one of the many fish dishes – Käfer offers an array to suit a variety of discerning palates – whether you choose monk fish, cod draped in dill and mustard sauce or dorado with mushrooms, all of which have received rave reviews, or skillfully cooked turbot fish, known for its delicate flavor, we can’t imagine choosing wrong.
  • Homemade gelato with mango jelly and crushed almonds – this dessert would make us reconsider the idea of not having room left for something sweet to finish off our meal.

Käfer Schänke

Prinzregentenstraße 73,
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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