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From the most authentic, local hole-in-the-wall restaurants to creative new takes on traditional cuisines, if you’re searching for the best places to eat while you’re traveling, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our latests articles, featured in the slider above, see our restaurant recommendations by location using the map below, or scroll down to discover featured food-centric destinations around the world!


La Azotea

A meal at La Azotea is not your typical Spanish dining experience, but in all of the right ways. The food is bold, modern, inventive, and served with finesse, while maintaining a recognizable loyalty to the pillars of Spanish cuisine.

Taberna Coloniales

Taberna Coloniales is the kind of place you would live at if you were going to college in Sevilla, although the crowd certainly isn’t limited to university students. While the food isn’t refined and doesn’t compare to some of the other places in the area, it is representative of the local cuisine, the servings are huge, and the prices are low.

Enrique Becerra

Dining in a converted pair of 17th century houses, Enrique Becerra is a great place to get an authentic taste of Spain, and particularly of Andalusia.

Bar La Eslava

The prize-winning La Eslava might not be located in Sevilla’s historic center, but it’s certainly at the center of the local food scene. The seasonal kitchen and informal vibe are magnetic, drawing everyone from groups of elderly men to modernillos (Spanish hipsters).


Celso y Manolo

This little “neo-tavern”, located in the heart of Madrid, has done an exceptional job of honoring its heritage, and in more than one way. With their modern interpretation of traditional Spanish food and the love that goes into their cooking, Celso y Manolo draws in diners from all over the city.

Mama Campo

The aim at Mama Campo is simple, to raise awareness about what, exactly, it is that you are eating and to give you the option to buy organic food that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Their restaurant is a shining example of what you can do with simple, seasonal ingredients, and what real food should taste like.

El Imparcial

El Imparcial, the brainchild of five young Spaniards, embraces a growing local trend of dining and drinking establishments with a strong sense of visual branding that have added a quirky something extra.

Toma Café

A self-proclaimed, “house of coffees and espressos,” Toma Café single-handedly launched Madrid’s craft coffee craze and forever changed the standards of what qualifies as a proper café con leche.


Pauly Saal

Pauly Saal delights the taste buds of travelers and locals alike with inventive, modern takes on the staples of traditional German cuisine. Plus, the reasonable pricing makes it a great opportunity to try a Michelin-starred restaurant without blowing your vacation budget.

Cafe Krone

With an internationally influenced menu, homemade food with an emphasis on quality ingredients, vegetarian and vegan friendly options, a quaint terrace, loads of local character and outstanding service, you would be crazy not to fall in love with Cafe KRONE.

Zeit Für Brot

If you are someone who loves baked goods, particularly bread, Zeit für Brot, or Time for Bread, should be an obligatory stop in Berlin. Germans are obsessed with good bread, and that fact becomes abundantly obvious when you visit Zeit für Brot.


Schwarzwaldstuben is Berlin’s very own oasis for all things Schwäbische, from the food to the kitsch-meets-cool Black Forest themed decor. A popular restaurant among both locals and in-the-know travelers looking for an authentic taste of Germany.



Easily the best restaurant “menú” we’ve had to date and some of the best food we’ve had in Spain, Delicat is a real find for anyone visiting Valencia.

Mercat Central de València

By far the most beautiful, and one of the most vibrant traditional markets we have been to, the Mercat Central in Valencia is a must-visit stop for any food lover traveling around Spain.

La Pilareta (Bar Pilar)

Bar Pilar, recently re-named La Pilareta, is a landmark on the Valencian tapas landscape. The food is nothing fancy, it’s basic, inexpensive and authentic, and that’s the point.


Deli-rant is an enigma in the best possible way. Part beer shop, part art gallery, part library and a plaza-front terrace to boot, without knowing better you might think that Deli-rant is all style and no substance, but that is where you’d be wrong.


Trattoria Mario

If we could only have one meal in Florence, Trattoria Mario is where we would have it. A typical lunch at Trattoria Mario is lively, even chaotic, but everyone seems to be having a good time.

Mercato Centrale

Smack in the middle of San Lorenzo square, 10 minutes or so from the center of Florence, you’ll find the Mercato Centrale, a soaring structure of iron and glass filled with mouth-watering Italian food delicacies.

Alla Vecchia Bettola

Trattoria Alla Vecchia Bettola may not be well known by travelers, but its existence is no secret among locals, nor is its reputation for excellent Tuscan cuisine. Located on the south side of the Arno river, away from central Florence, this restaurant has loads of neighborhood appeal.

Vivanda Gastronomia

Vivanda “Gastronomia” is an enoteca and casual restaurant with a classy vibe. There is a huge variety of organic wines sold by the bottle, but those served by the glass are Vivanda’s own label, produced in accordance with biodynamic standards.


Los Roques

A modern space in the traditional fishing village of Los Abrigos, Los Roques is like two restaurants in one and they certainly aren’t afraid to do things a bit differently.

La Concepción

La Concepción is an eclectic and charming little spot with a kitchen that turns out a surprising variety of things to eat. The quirky touches in the decor help make it a fun and friendly place to be.

La Hierbita

When you walk into La Hierbita, you’d be right to feel like you’ve stepped into someone’s home. Welcoming and warm, this restaurant lives in a 19th century Canarian house in the middle of Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s capital city.

El Cine

Situated in Los Cristianos, possibly one of Spain’s least Spanish cities, El Cine stands proud, tucked into a corner amidst a sea of tourist-packed places. This is a restaurant for both locals and tourists as is evident by the line that forms up a nearby alleyway.



When you first set eyes on Chef Bertrand Grébaut’s Septime, it might fail to make much of an impression. One look at the food and you’ll find the minimal atmosphere in the restaurant fitting as it allows Septime’s culinary prowess to take center stage.

Chez Hanna

If you want a break from bœuf bourguignon and other typical French specialties, we don’t blame you. Step in Chez Hanna, your one-stop option for an alternative to traditional French dining.

Laurent Dubois

One of the many wonderful things about visiting Meilleur Ouvrier Laurent Dubois’ namesake shop is that you can admire and taste his “œuvres d’art” as the in-house cheese connaisseurs share their knowledge and recommendations for perfect cheese pairings, be it with a special wine or food for a casual gathering.


Celler Casa Mariol

Celler Casa Mariol brings age old traditions to the urban environment. They believe that wines should always be enjoyed in good company and their Barcelona bodega serves that purpose and then some.

Elsa y Fred

Elsa y Fred is quirky in an enchanting sort of way, much like the neighborhood that surrounds it. With food that falls under the “gastrotapas” category, prepare yourself for a menu full of tapas and traditional dishes with a modern, international twist.

Lolita Tapería

With flashy decor, fantastic interpretations of traditional tapas, a cocktail bar and, depending on the hour, live music and Djs, Lolita Tapería embodies Spain’s convivial and vibrant spirt.


Marsaxlokk Market

On one of the biggest bays in a country surrounded by water, Marsaxlokk is an obvious location for Malta’s fishing center, and a charming one at that. A quaint city of limestone buildings that crawl towards a turquoise sea of bobbing “luzzus”, Marsaxlokk is worth a visit any day.


Gululu is the place to go for homemade Maltese specialties. Our favorite restaurant on the island, there wasn’t a thing this place was missing. Choose to dine on the seaside patio along St. Julian’s bay or inside where it’s warm and inviting, your meal will be served by a staff that’s well versed in hospitality and the food is sure to be outstanding.


Situated in the picturesque city of Mdina, Fontanella not only boasts a comprehensive dessert menu, but some of the best panoramic views in all of Malta. On a clear day, you can see all the way across the country to the coastal capital of Valetta and beyond.


Le Tobsil

Buried deep in the backstreets of the Marrakech medina, finding Le Tobsil requires a bit of a trek, but it’s worth the effort. An evening at Le Tobsil sets the scene for a Moroccan dinner reminiscent of Arabian nights.

Al Fassia

A cultural awakening for your taste buds, the menu items at Al Fassia are sure to takes you on a voyage through history. Although it can be difficult to find authentic food in Marrakech, a meal at Al Fassia promises to satisfy the edible portion of a traveller’s curiosities.


Mercado do Bolhão

One of the most authentic markets you are likely to come across in all of Europe, the Mercado do Bolhão is both lively and captivating. Open since 1850, the market’s two-story wrought iron housing is in desperate need of restoration, but that doesn’t stop the bustle of vendors and shoppers from filling it’s halls like it was just opened recently.

Barão de Fladgate

Barão de Fladgate may not have Michelin stars or be the trendiest dining option in Porto, but it’s an experience you absolutely should not miss. Located at Taylor’s Port Lodges, your visit to Taylor’s and Barão de Fladgate will be full of charm and history.

Palm Springs


Cheeky’s quirky comfort food boldly combines fresh, local products in made-from-scratch dishes that locals and visitors alike are happy to line up for. The fun and casual atmosphere combined with outstanding food and service makes Cheeky’s one of the most popular restaurants in all of Palm Springs.

Chi Chi at the Avalon

Chi Chi, an intimate poolside restaurant at the Avalon hotel, serves up the best of what California has to offer: fresh, health-conscious food made with local, seasonal ingredients and Latin-inspired flavors and spice. Exotic ingredient combinations and zesty flavors characterize both the food and the cocktails, making Chi Chi not only a great place to eat, but also to sip on an evening drink in a magical candlelit setting.


Can Joan de S’Aigo

A lot has changed since 1700, but Can Joan de S’Aigo in Palma de Mallorca seems to have snuck by unaffected by time. Step off the street and back into a different century to taste some of the best pastries Mallorca has to offer, and if it’s a warm out, try the almond ice cream, made in-house with almond milk rather than dairy.


Käfer Schänke

Honoring culinary tradition with impeccable attention to detail, Käfer Schänke has cemented its position as a must-try gourmet Munich restaurant.



Tucked along a small side street, Bonjardim makes its home in an unassuming building in an unassuming corner of a city full of restaurants with staff begging you to come eat with them. No one will chase you down the street with fliers trying to bring you to Bonjardim, but then again, why should they, the smell of the food takes care of that for them.

Santiago de Compostela

Mercado de Abastos

Galician cooking begins in Santiago de Compostela’s Mercado de Abastos. Ever since 1873 there’s been a market meeting along the eastern edge of the old walled city, a location that overlooks the busy north-south Virxe da Cerca street.