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Celso y Manolo: Spanish Bar Food Gets a Makeover

Open Every Day

Mon – Sun
1:00pm to 1:30am


Price: Price: a la carte: cheese plates from 6€ – 10€, tomato dishes and salads from 6€ – 8.50€, eggs from 6€ – 7€, charcuterie from 6€ – 9€, fried snacks from 7€ – 8€, sandwiches from 4.50€ – 6€, rices 8€, game and meat dishes from 7€ – 9.50€, shellfish from 7€ – 12.50€, fish from 6.5€ – 12€, wine 2.25€ – 4.50€ / glass

Modern Spanish

Type: bar, restaurant, historic tavern


As we see it, one of the most important challenges today’s restauranteurs face is staying relevant in an ever-evolving gastronomic climate. The classics, we hope, will always be classics. But what happens when you want to open a new restaurant that focuses on traditional cuisine, how do you stay relevant then, how do you compete? If you are looking for the answer, you need go no further than to Celso y Manolo.

This little “neo-tavern”, located in the heart of Madrid, has done an exceptional job of honoring its heritage, and in more than one way. With their modern interpretation of traditional Spanish food and the love that goes into their cooking, Celso y Manolo draws in diners from all over the city.

Two of the first things you’ll notice upon entering Celso y Manolo’s tiny space are the 25-foot-long marble bar and a sea of martini glasses that stand upon it, most already prepped with garnishing. The bar, dating back to the 50s, was preserved from the original establishment, Restaurante Argüelles, owned by a pair of brothers who passed their space onto the Zamora family when they decided to retire, and after whom this tavern’s new incarnation is named. The martini glasses aren’t awaiting vodka, cosmos, or any other cocktail-hour drink, but vermouth, in this case, a limited production variety from Montsant, served as an aperitif.

The food at Celso y Manolo is made with only the finest natural ingredients from around Spain. The restaurant’s concept focuses on reviving the sprit of the Spanish bar and cleaning up the reputation that comes to mind when many think of a typical tavern in Madrid – old and dirty. The menu at Celso y Manolo features classic tavern food as well as some unexpected dishes, but more important is how they handle each dish, with care and finesse, resulting in flavors that are familiar, but elevated, sophisticated and vibrant. Whether you go for a an aperitif and a tapa or stay a while to enjoy a full meal, we’re sure you’ll agree that Celso y Manolo is one of the top places in Madrid to experience excellent, traditional Spanish cuisine.

What to Order

  • Ensaladilla
  • Chuletón de tomate de Huesca
  • Bocadillo de calamares
  • Pepito de ternera
  • Solomillo al Whiskey
  • Arroz campero
  • Crema Catalana
  • Arroz con Leche

Celso y Manolo

Calle Libertad, 1,
Madrid, Spain

  (+34) 915 318 079


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