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Zeit Für Brot: Laugencroissants, Zimtschnecke & Bretzels, Oh My!

Open Every Day

Mon – Fri
7:30am to 8:00pm
8:00am to 8:00pm
8:00am to 6:00pm


German Pastry

Type: hip cafe, bakery


If you are someone who loves baked goods, particularly bread, Zeit für Brot, or Time for Bread, should be an obligatory stop in Berlin. If you’ve never been to Germany before, one of the first things that you will notice about the food is that, across the board, they have an amazing selection of breads. Germans love bread and that love is abundantly obvious at Zeit für Brot. First and foremost, Zeit für Brot is an artisan bakery; everything is made from scratch with organic ingredients, using traditional methods. Just in case you don’t believe it, the kitchen is bound on one side by a gigantic glass wall so that you can see exactly how they work “behind the scenes”. Secondary to the bakery, Ziet für Brot is a shop and cafe. The warm interior with industrial touches invites you to sit down and relax while you enjoy the German bread culture in a welcoming, yet utilitarian environment.

Before actually going to Zeit für Brot, we had no idea how great this place was going to be. We only knew one thing: they had laugencroissant, an item that we couldn’t leave Germany without trying. Step aside cronut, you aren’t the only crave-worthy hybrid around. The day we visited Ziet für Brot, the laugencroissant came in sandwich form, as is not uncommon. For good measure, we tasted it on its own too. We also felt the need to test (devour) other amazing treats fresh out of Ziet für Brot’s ovens. The classic laugenbretzel was an obvious choice, throw in some gooey buns, cherry pie, another sandwich… had we not made specific plans for lunch within the next couple of hours, we probably would have stayed and eaten at Ziet für Brot all day.

Regrettably, there were a lot of things we didn’t have time, or the stomach capacity, to try. At the top of the list for our next visit are the traditional breakfasts which include bread with your choice of toppings (cheese, butter & fruit preserves or meat & cheese) and the gigantic zimtschnecke, or cinnamon rolls. Zeit für Brot is the type of place you can imaging going to every day, it’s that good. We highly recommend it to anyone visiting Berlin and if you can find a good place to stay in the area, preferably next door, we’d recommend that too!

What We Want to Eat

  • The many kinds of cinnamon rolls
  • And basically EVERYTHING else!

Zeit Für Brot

Alte Schönhauser Straße 4,
Berlin, Germany

  (+49) 302 804 6780



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