• Vivanda Gastronomia

Vivanda Gastronomia: Sustainable Wines & Snacks in a Local Enoteca

Open Every Day

Mon – Sun
10:30am to 3:00pm & 6:00pm to 12:00am


Price: antipasti from €6.50 – €10.00, primi piatti from €7.50 – €12.00, secondi piatti from €6.00 – €30.00

Market-Fresh Italian

Type: restaurant, enoteca

Vivanda Gastronomia is an enoteca and casual restaurant with a classy vibe. There is a huge variety of organic wines sold by the bottle, but those served by the glass are Vivanda’s own label, produced in accordance with biodynamic standards. Vivanda is one of the few places in the area offering Italian craft beers and they also have options for vegetarians and people who follow a gluten-free diet.

Respect for tradition, focus on quality and sustainability are paramount at Vivanda. Farming is done by hand using techniques passed down from local farmers and blended with modern viticulture practices to preserve historical ways of Tuscan food production while staying relevant in today’s market. Vivanda wants you to know it’s important to show respect for their farmers, who are some of the last of their generation, pictured on the labels of their wines.

The seasonal menu offers homemade foods including pastas, gnocchi and soups. The vegetables and fruits used at Vivanda come from their own farms, they produce their own extra virgin olive oil and their cheeses and meats are all from ethical providers, most of which are Tuscan; an obvious outlier being the inherently Spanish jamón. While we would have preferred to see prosciutto on the menu to jamón, everything we tried was delicious.

Vivanda’s location on the southern side of the Arno river in the Oltrarno quarter of Florence, known for its resident artisans and handmade goods, is quite appropriate. Being a bit away from the center of things gives Vivanda a very local feel but there is still an abundance of things to see in the neighborhood. Reservations are accepted and tables may be booked even if you arrive early so make sure to ask to be seated rather than seat yourself. Whether you’re in the mood for some wine and a couple of snacks or a smorgasboard of foods from the Tuscan countryside, Vivanda is definitely worth a visit.

What We Want to Eat

  • We’d live on the edge with the Carte blanche option as it comes highly recommended, especially in terms of value for the money, but if we’re ordering a la carte…
  • frittelle de brie al rosmarino
  • bresaola con rucola
  • any of their handmade pastas or gnocchi

Vivanda Gastronomia

Via Santa Monaca 7/R,
Florence, Italy

  (+39) 055 238 1208



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