Restaurants 101: an Intro

As many seasoned travelers know, the gastronomy you encounter abroad can be drastically different than anything you would typically eat at home. Trying new foods is one of the most fantastic parts of traveling, but it can be nice to dip a toe in […]

Spanish Meal Times & La Merienda

Eating in Spain: Typical Meals & When to Have Them The Spanish keep a meal schedule that is pretty extreme by the standards of other countries, particularly when it comes to how late they eat dinner. What many people don’t […]

Beyond Tapas: Pintxos & El Txikiteo

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, tapas may be well known outside of Spain, but they aren’t necessarily understood. While the tapas culture is a huge part of Spanish gastronomy, it is far from the only part. In […]

Tapas: Spain’s Most Famous Export

Tapas are probably the best known category of food to come out of Spain, but also the most misunderstood. There are many conflicting opinions, even among Spaniards, regarding what does or does not qualify as a tapa. That being the […]

Tenerife: an Island of Extremes

With sprawling volcanic landscapes, vibrant blue coastlines, snow capped peaks and lush rain forests all on a land mass that’s smaller than the state of Rhode Island, Tenerife has more contrast in terrain than just about anywhere on earth. A fascinating […]

10 Tips for Dining in Spain

Blame it on Spain’s reputation for incredible high-end dining, on tapas crazes abroad or any number of other things, but one fact remains, there are a lot of misconceptions out there with regard to what it’s like to eat in […]

Talking to: Madrid Food Tour

This week’s post marks the first in a series of interviews with an inside perspective from people who know local gastronomy best. Today we’ll be sharing our interview with Lauren Aloise, founder of Madrid Food Tour. With over a decade […]

How to Take a Food Tour

So, you’re visiting a new place and you don’t know what to eat? You know a bit about the country’s cuisine but aren’t super confident in terms of dining and you don’t know anything about the food when it comes […]

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