The Art of Pasta & Sauce Pairings

When it comes to the world of pasta, even those who’ve been eating the Italian staple since they got their first teeth might be surprised by how little they really know about pasta in its many varieties. Considering dried pasta […]

In Search of the Perfect Pasta

Pasta Smackdown: Fresca vs Secca Have you ever been out at an Italian restaurant and had a simple pasta dish that just blew your mind? Did you think that the pasta was so fantastic because they must be making it by […]

How to Eat Pasta Like an Italian

It is a well-known fact that pasta is a favorite food worldwide. As one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet, pasta is used in so many ways that it has become more like a global dish than an Italian specialty. For […]

Understanding the Italian Menu

A Guy Sits Down at a Restaurant… Many a foreigner has ventured into a restaurant in Italy, sat down for the exquisite dining experience that everyone talks about, opened the menu, and been suddenly struck with an overwhelming sense of confusion. If the menu […]

The Italian Aperitivo

A New Habit Worth Adopting When one thinks about Italy, it generally conjures images of beautiful, tan, and well dressed people, historic architecture, fast cars, pristine coastlines and good food. Certain facets of Italian culture are only well known by Italians and insiders who have lived in […]

10 Tips for Dining in Italy

Italy can offer unparalleled dining experiences, but like any country that is not your own, you might have trouble discovering where those experiences are without a little help. There are some things that you should keep in mind when dining […]

Spain on your Table

Welcome to our The World on your Table series. To celebrate wrapping up a collection of articles on a particular country, we’ve decided to share a party menu inspired by that country. Reading about delicious foods from around the world makes us anxious […]

La Hora del Vermut: An Age-Old Spanish Tradition

Vermouth: Beyond the Cocktail When it comes to aperitifs, vermouth reigns supreme in Spain. Vermut, or vermú, is much more than an ingredient in drinks like Manhattans and Negronis. A beverage unto itself made from a base of sweet white wine, vermut dulce, […]

Restaurants 101: Madrid

Within the scope of European capitals, Madrid is still a baby. Stepping out from under the shadow of Barcelona, Madrid has been rising in popularity, much to the locals’ dismay. Madrid is the underdog of great Spanish cities…

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